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Hard Surface Pressure Cleaning – Brick Walls, Pavers, Concrete, Driveways & Paths

At Flash Pressure Cleaning and General Cleaning, we use our rotary pressure cleaning equipment for a fast, streak and dirt free finish that will restore your home or business surfaces to their former glory. Pavers and Concrete usually need to be treated differently, as some pavers are usually “softer” than finished concrete and can be easily damaged if wrong methods or equipment is used.

Brick Walls require careful cleaning to ensure no mortar is removed to avoid instability with your brick work.

We have to expertise, experience and know-how to ensure no damage is done to your hard surfaces and walls.

Soft Surface Pressure Cleaning – Sandstone

Soft surfaces such as Sandstone tiles and walls requires the experience only Flash Pressure Cleaning and General Cleaning can guarantee. As sandstone can be very brittle, using high pressure cleaners can easily damage or weaken the stone, thats why when it comes to cleaning sandstone we use only the best cleaning methods to ensure no damage to your property.

Roof Cleaning – Terracotta Tiles, Concrete Tiles & Colorbond Roofs

Cleaning Roofs is one of our specialities, whether it be Terracotta Tiles, Concrete Tiles or Colorbond with have the know-how and expertise to ensure no tiles or surfaces are damaged during the cleaning process.

General Cleaning – Steam Cleaning, Rubbish Management, Dusting & Vacuuming

Let us take the hassle out of your Household Cleaning with our General Cleaning Services designed to clean everything from your Home to Office, Strata Property to Commercial Business, including Mopping and Disinfecting Hard Floors and Carpet Cleaning.

We deliver an efficient, fast and friendly overall experience that is tailored to suit you needs.

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